Content projects for Camp Pinecrest and YMCA Employment Services.

The YMCA has a long legacy of community leadership across a variety of programs and services. Dot Dot Dash was engaged by the marketing team to develop visual storytelling programs to support both the leadership program at Camp Pine Crest and Employment Services programs. In each instance, we were briefed to develop visuals for each program that would serve diverse audiences and illustrate the values and benefits provided. We were also tasked with imagining these stories across platforms, working to develop short and long format videos for digital and social purposes, but also photography to be leveraged in marketing and communications materials.

The Challenge

Working to steer clear of traditional leadership tropes, we wanted to show young people engaged in acts of growth and leadership and make it feel cool and compelling. We wanted young people AND their parents agree that this was a program worth pursuing.

The Insight

We embedded ourselves in the camp experience with a group involved in the young leadership program and captured a variety of content that showed them engaged in all sorts of growth activities. We kept two things front of mind as we shot; first, how did this look and feel to the young people (was it cool?) and was there intrinsic value in the program (would parents want to send their kids?).We walked a creative line that illuminates the best parts of the program, and hopefully connects with both parents and young adults.

The Solution

The result is a master video (as shown), a related series of targeted made-for-social videos (against which YMCA will spend media dollars)and a library of ancillary photography that will help extend the story into additional channels like email, website and camp materials.

The Work Delivered

Creative Development


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