Back to Business: A Joint Perspective on Production in the Time of Covid

An Open Letter to Anyone Looking to Produce Commercials and Branded Content (but aren’t so sure how in the age of COVID-19),It has been a tough 8 weeks and now, as the peak of COVID has been crested in Canada, we begin to turn our minds to what comes next. We’ve been discussing how to continue to do great creative work in the pre-vaccine era and, in anticipation of the time when we can physically come back together as an industry, we wanted to share some thoughts about what making commercials might look like.Now, none of us has a crystal ball or all the answers and knowing the goalposts are moving every day, we’d love your comments and feedback.Read on!

Decoding The Birds in this Not-So-Silent Spring

Have you stood outside recently, closed your eyes, and just listened? The birdsong this spring is nothing short of deafening. In my neighbourhood it’s most cacophonous just before 8 am in the morning as the robins, cardinals, woodpeckers and red-winged blackbirds all come alive at once. The air is rife with their heavenly voices and, while birds have always been harbingers of what is to come, on this Earth Day (the 50th Anniversary), I’d like to think they have a special message for us.

Why Radical Humanity is THE Way Forward

Last week when Anthony Fauci spoke with Michael Barbaro on The Daily he talked about the fact that we were living in ‘the fog of war’ and, for all of us, marketers included, this feels true.

A Short (and hopefully uplifting) Lesson in History for Marketers

For the last two weeks, it’s been admittedly difficult to focus. My mind, like everyone else’s, has been consumed by the news, obsessively checking the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre, engaging in a stream of never-ending Zoom conversations about when, for god’s sake, will we be able to get back to life as we once knew it?

The New Laws of Attraction: Magnetism

A Dot Dot Dash Opinion PieceWelcome to the age of the smart consumer. Raised with marketing, we know how it works. We understand its aspirational anthems, its fear drivers and its empathy hooks. We know marketing is designed to capture our emotions. But where once we were led, even deceived, today we are the choosers and selectors. We make the choice to be interested, to follow, and to purchase.