Business of Cannabis

A Dot Dot Dash Incubator Project

The authoritative news platform for the cannabis sector

Business of Cannabis is a media brand incubated by Dot Dot Dash and co-founded by Dot Dot Dash Managing Director, Blaine Pearson. In 2017, Pearson along with a small team, recognized that an incredibly sophisticated, exciting and disruptive industry was emerging - and also that the industry and its innovators weren’t being accurately reflected in the mainstream media. So, the evolving media platform is focussed on helping the cannabis sector reach maturity faster through the development of custom content and niche industry focussed events.

The Challenge

There was nobody else providing substantive coverage of the business leaders and emerging organizations so we set to work to develop a platform, an audience and a series of properties that would help to shine alight on this burgeoning industry. In an industry moving with such speed and frankly, ambiguity, how could we position ourselves as the thought leader in the space?

The Insight

The cannabis sector is one that is constantly evolving and morphing . The leaders in the industry, in both the core and ancillary businesses, were desperate for a resource to help them navigate the changing complexities, reach audiences and forge community and connections.

The Solution

By positioning ourselves at the core of these conversations and helping to convene a mature dialogue, we have attracted the attention of those on the inside of the industry, but also of the media and the sectors tangential to cannabis. We have published new research, founded annual events like Medical Cannabis Week and Cannabis and Tech, founded a quarterly publication (Papers, A Rolling Guide To The Business of Cannabis) and launched a podcast network. It's been an exciting ride and there's more to come.

The Work Delivered

Creative Development


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