Explorers Club

The North

An ode to The Arctic

Since 1904, The Explorers Club has been an international, multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. In 2016 the Club commissioned Dot Dot Dash to craft a visual narrative to help capture the essence of the arctic through the lens of Dot Dot Dash Co-Founder, Jason van Bruggen, a Fellow of the Explorers Club.

The Challenge

Why do people travel to the north? What is it that one 'gets' from exploring such austere landscapes? What is so mesmerizing and beautiful about this little-known place? We started this project with questions and very quickly moved to creative answers.

The Insight

Having spent a great deal of time exploring and filming in the high arctic regions, Dot Dot Dash knew that the answers to these questions lay in between the raw beauty of the people and landscapes of the north and a script that would bring them to life for those who haven't yet had an opportunity to experience them.

The Solution

Through the development of a beautiful script we were able to deliver an end product that captures the essence of adventure in the north. It also helped a club steeped in tradition, and even mystery, to reach a new and wider audience and to attract new petitions for membership and interest from a younger generation.

The Work Delivered

Creative Development


Communication Arts Photography Annual
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The North
Advertising and Design Club of Canada
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The North
Photo District News Outdoor Photography and Illustration Awards
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The North
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The North