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Helping Gymnastics Canada stand a little taller

Gymnastics Canada came to Dot Dot Dash with the need for a revitalized brand identity to inspire a new generation of athletes. The complete brand identity and anthem video can be seen below.

The Challenge

Gymnastics is a sport with varied and distinct disciplines. The athletes all train relentlessly to achieve very specific, and individually unique, goals. For a sport with so many disciplines, what was the one thing that all the athletes shared and that brought them together?

The Insight

Through dialogue and discovery, we realized that the moment of 'sticking the landing' was something shared amongst all gymnasts and, more than that, it was representative of culmination and arrival back at the beginning. It was an ending, but also a starting point and, like the sport itself, a place from which the rest of their lives launched.

The Solution

Through graphic design (for the brand), development of an anthemic video and photographic assets, we crafted a brand that imagines the gymnast anew; positioning the athlete as strong and powerful and the sport the foundation for many other aspects of life. In most rebranding processes there is friction; change is hard, but we're pretty sure we hit the sweet spot with this one. It has been widely celebrated by the Gymnastics community and has received accolades from the advertising industry (see below).

The Work Delivered

Creative Development


Strategy Award
Gold, Editing Craft
From Here, We Soar
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Best Photography
From Here, We Soar
Endorphin Award
Audio Design
From Here, We Soar
Association of Independent Commercial Producers
Winner of Montage Editorial
From Here, We Soar