Canoe Kayak Canada

Who We Are

Canoeing as central to Canadian identity

Paddling is one of Canada’s most iconic sports. So iconic, in fact, that the Olympic canoeing event is calledThe Canadian. However, faced with declining participation, an elite team that was reaching maturity and an uninspired and outdated brand, Canada was set to lose its claim on the sport that opened our country. Canoe Kayak Canada, the national body for competitive paddling in Canada, was in need of a revitalized brand that would help them recruit and cultivate the next generation of Olympians.

The Challenge

Re-establish the importance of paddling to our national ethos and history.

The Insight

This extensive project saw a deep investigatory process that illuminated the core truth that canoeing is essential to the Canadian experience and our imagination of ourselves. Canoeing and kayaking are part of who we are.

The Solution

Through strategic planning, graphic design and content production we brought the story to life through video, photography and events. We designed clothes, opened a store, helped produce a case for support to drive fiscal security for the organization and inso doing drew thousands of new participants to the sport.  The insight was so strong that we launched a national movement that brought together paddlers from across the country under the rallying cry of #wepaddle.

The Work Delivered

Creative Development
Print Design


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