En Route

Canada's Best New Restaurant

Taking a Bite Out of Canada's Best New Restaurants of 2019

We worked with Bookmark and Air Canada’s En Route in-flight magazine to tell the stories of Canada's top three Best New Restaurants.  The project involved the development of a series of stories about these three restaurants (Vancouver, Quebec City and Toronto) as well as a series digital assets, all of which you can find Air Canada’s in flight entertainment system.

The Challenge

Wanting to ensure that we captured the spirit of each restaurant and accurately portray the visions of each chef we needed to craft stories that were at once singular but also entirely enticing.

The Insight

We needed to spend time with each chef, build rapport and embed ourselves in their restaurants in order to truly understand their motivations and the essence of the experience they were offering. Engaging directly with the chefs, their staff and suppliers allowed us to become close to their process and experience their product in a way that allowed us to tell their unique stories authentically.

The Solution

The result was a series of three, three minute films each highlighting a different restaurant and hearing directly from the Chefs about their visions. These edits appear on Air Canada’s in flight entertainment systems and will live on the Canada’s Best New Restaurant website. We also produced a series of social cut downs to extend and reinforce the campaign through social and paid digital media.

The Work Delivered

Creative Development
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