Canada Post

Solutions for Small Business

Letting the experts do the talking

Canada Post’s Small Business Team knew they needed a fresh strategy to reach small business owners. Dot Dot Dash worked to develop a complete content strategy and deliver the content that would ultimately move Canada’s national mail carrier firmly into the digital realm.

The Challenge

The small business team hadn't yet done much to communicate with their audience digitally, so we were starting from the ground up.

The Insight

Small business owners are busy and time-strapped and need to have relevant information served to them and made available whenever they need it. What they really need is tangible advice that helps to solve their business challenges. So, that's what we did.

The Solution

The content strategy we created included the development of a new, evolved, visual identity that would set Small Business content apart from other Canada Post messaging. It also included the production of written content, infographics and two series of video content; one featuring Canada Post experts and another featuring Small Business Owners sharing their tips and tricks. All content was produced in both official languages. The result is tangible, useful content tailored specifically to Canada Post's small business customer. You can see a sample of the videos below.

The Work Delivered

Creative Development
Canada Post, Rose Buddha (How to Build Your Brand by Supporting a Cause)
Canada Post, Expert Advice on How to Create Shipping Labels


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