USC Canada

Celebrate the power of seeds.

USC Canada is one of Canada’s oldest non-profits and works tirelessly on the issue of food security, supporting and championing the huge power of tiny seeds. The organization celebrates seeds for all they do and ensures farmers have the capacity to farm using ethical seeds that are saved for diversity and longevity.

Our work included communications strategy, creation of a PSA featuring a series of Canadian musical royalty, digital design and material design.

At the onset of the project we dug deep and got down to the root of our agricultural system. In so doing we discovered just how hard seeds work and why it’s important to save them. We also realized that seeds were truly the unsung and unknown keys to food security, flavour and diversity. We wanted to give seeds the recognition that they deserved; we decided to celebrate seeds through a variety of seasonal executions showcasing the beauty and diversity of the foods produced by seeds.