Because issues that affect women affect us all.

Up For Debate is a national alliance of over 175 organizations pressing for the inclusion of women’s issues in a federal leaders’ debate – the first since 1984- and in the conversation leading up to the 42nd federal election.

After reading about the alliance in a local paper, we knew we had to get involved. We took it upon ourselves to hold an Ingenuity Party, inviting our community  to come together in our space for an evening of food, drink and creative exploration.

Though the structure of the debates shifted – candidates declined to participate in multiple debates – it was still important to expose the issues. Using the momentum and ideas gathered from our Ingenuity Party we worked in collaboration with Up For Debate to create a series of public installations that confronted citizens with the reality of women’s issues.

The art installations, both large and small, were posted in cities and communities across the country in the weeks leading up to the election. They worked to gather important intel and gives Canadians a voice on these issues. Here’s to hoping this is the last of this type of campaign that we’ll see in our lifetimes.