To revive and shine a light on some unsung heroes.

The Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) has been a leader in building a safer city for women and children for over three decades. On the eve of their 30th birthday, METRAC decided it was time to shift towards a more polished, cohesive and professional brand identity to reflect the great, innovative, work they do in safety services and advocacy.

In re-branding METRAC, we worked closely with the organization to workshop and articulate the new communications program. During the discovery phase, we immersed ourselves in the organization and uncovered truths that would guide the story of the organization. These learnings were then applied to a thoughtful and interactive design process that gave way to one concept design that was built out into a fully formed brand architecture, including brand standards, templates, social media strategy and guidelines for a new website.

The new brand architecture leant itself to a complete print and out-of-home campaign, allowing METRAC to unveil and celebrate the new branding and amplify the activations of 30 years for which they are unsung heroes.