Paddling is one of Canada’s most iconic sports. So iconic, in fact, that the Olympic canoeing event is called The Canadian. However, faced with declining participation, an elite team that was reaching maturity and an uninspired and outdated brand, Canada was set to lose its claim on the sport that opened our country. Canoe Kayak Canada, the national body for competitive paddling in Canada, was in need of a revitalized brand that would help them recruit and cultivate the next generation of Olympians.



To revitalize the organization’s rightful role as a part of Canada’s cultural and sporting fabric, we set out to understand what the sport was all about. We researched the history, spent time at the clubs, in the water and with the coaches, the experts and the athletes. We uncovered the truth that paddling is truly at the core of every Canadian. It is who we are.

From there, a visual brand was hatched, paying homage to both the history of the sport and it’s future. Purposefully reductive, our logo leverages a maple leave with a paddle at its core to evoke an understanding that paddling truly is at the centre of what it means to be Canadian. A fully revised brand was developed including a plan for roll out both internally and externally. Additionally, we created a Case for Support and associated training materials to empower the organization to attract and secure ongoing sources of funding.

Finally, we produced an anthem video (and supporting imagery) that serves as the culmination of this work. Our film captures the essence of paddling in its myriad forms, showcasing the sport’s finest aspects and capturing the imaginations of Canadians who feel a historical, cultural, geographic and physical connection to this quintessentially Canadian pastime.

So, grab a paddle and ‘Come Paddle With Us.’